White Collar Defense & Government Investigations

The Lenzner Firm represents individual and corporate clients in white collar matters and government investigations.  With the support of a renowned corporate investigations and risk advisory firm, The Lenzner Firm brings sophisticated expertise and capabilities to his legal engagements. With first-hand experience in strategic communications, The Lenzner Firm will fight to win in court while making the media an asset rather than a liability.


Internal Corporate Investigations

Companies, universities, unions, government bodies, and high net worth families retain The Lenzner Firm to conduct complex internal investigations. We have been retained by boards of directors, general counsel, and outside law firms to conduct efficient and independent investigations. As needed, we retain forensic accountants, investigators, and digital forensic experts to assist us in our legal representation and fact finding.


Litigation and Crisis Communications

In today’s climate, clients must have a sophisticated media strategy to complement their legal and regulatory strategies.  With significant experience in communications strategy, The Lenzner Firm helps individual and corporate clients navigate the intersection of the law, government scrutiny and the media. By virtue of its longstanding association with a renowned corporate investigations firm, The Lenzner Firm is supported by a high-powered team of researchers and analysts when seeking to define or reclaim the narrative in the media.


Vetting and Due Diligence

Corporate and institutional clients increasingly seek trusted legal advisors when contemplating high-profile hires, investments and acquisitions.  The  Lenzner Firm is expert at gathering facts and evidence that will inform a client’s decision-making process within the context of their legal, investment and regulatory strategy.  A trusted advisor to corporations, universities, public officials, and families, The Lenzner Firm provides clients with the confidence to grow their business and portfolios while mitigating potential legal, reputational, and financial harm.