White Collar Representations and Government Investigations

Represented the chief executive officer of a government contractor in an investigation conducted by the Office of Inspector General of an executive agency. The client-CEO was never implicated in any wrongdoing.

Represented the subject of a criminal investigation by law enforcement in two countries into corruption at a multinational company. The client was never charged.

Represented a city official investigated for allegedly receiving bribes from a city contractor. Ultimately, neither federal nor state authorities charged our client.

Represented the chief executive of a national organization related to allegations of criminal conduct. The client was never charged.

Represented a witness in a criminal investigation into the theft of valuable, stolen property.


Internal Corporate Investigations

The Lenzner Firm was retained by a prominent international entity to conduct an internal investigation after confidential documents were misappropriated and leaked. Our scope included determining the extent and circumstances of the breach and a subsequent security audit to assist the entity in improving its document and IT management systems. Working with a corporate investigations and risk advisory firm, we captured and searched terabytes of data from their servers, analyzed leaked financial records, and interviewed witnesses. Our deliverables included a comprehensive report and presentation of our findings to the client’s board, which included a factual narrative detailing how certain individuals misappropriated and leaked proprietary documents to the media.

Retained by a national organization subject to false and disparaging accusations communicated internally by an anonymous author, we conducted an investigation that uncovered the identity of the responsible party. Under The Lenzner Firm’s legal supervision, our investigators combined online forensic techniques with public records research and analysis to link an internet protocol address with a post office box used by a political adversary of the chief executive of the client entity.

On behalf of company in the health care industry, we uncovered and documented misconduct by an employee who had misappropriated confidential information. In the course of our investigation, we lawfully searched email accounts and developed a comprehensive profile of the subject employee, which uncovered significant financial liabilities and previously unknown ties to a individual who had been in litigation with our client.


Litigation and Crisis Communications

A federal prosecutor turned to The Lenzner Firm when a news organization published false allegations about him that had surfaced in a book authored by a former defendant. With experience and relationships in the media and certain legal communities, we quickly moved to prevent the story from spreading and to refute the author’s allegations. We persuaded the prosecutor’s former office (where he served at the time of the alleged misconduct) to issue a statement in support of their former employee, and we communicated with reporters from different news organizations on his behalf. As a result of our efforts, there was no second day media coverage of the allegations, and the newspaper that originally printed the false allegations followed the next day with a story challenging the book author’s credibility and allegations. Moreover, when the book publisher subsequently issued a letter of apology to the prosecutor, it specifically cited the results of our work, including the second day news coverage and the statement of support from the DA’s Office.

Provided media strategy to a government official under investigation by an office of inspector general.  Handled proactive and reactive media relations for the client over the course of the year-long investigation. When the OIG released a report clearing our client of the allegations, we crafted and executed a media plan that resulted in positive news stories and improved the client’s online reputation.

Advised an investment firm on communications strategy in conjunction with legal and regulatory work that we conducted related to an investment in infrastructure.

Handled media relations for a client in litigation against a high profile adversary.

Following an investigation that we led into allegations of misconduct by a law firm adverse to our corporate client, we worked with the client’s public relations team to design and execute a media strategy that led to impactful coverage on television, radio and print news outlets.


Vetting and Due Diligence

On behalf of an Ivy League university, we have vetted numerous candidates for senior level positions, including president, provost, dean and athletic director of the university. The scope of our investigations typically includes extensive public records and commercial database research, and with the client’s authorization, we also submit FOIA and open records requests and conduct discreet interviews.

Conducted comprehensive background investigations of directors nominated to the board of a Fortune 500 corporation.

Vetted finalists for executive director of a national political organization.

Retained by candidates for state and federal office to conduct thorough, discreet and confidential vetting of candidates’ professional and personal backgrounds.

For a high net worth client, conducted discreet background investigations of prospective employees in positions of trust.

Represented an individual who was denied a preferred status by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.  We conducted a thorough vetting of the client and prepared an appeal to the agency.


Addressing Online and Reputational Threats

We were retained by a high net worth family upon discovery that unknown parties had perpetrated a scheme to impersonate via the internet a prominent member of their family. Using a fake web domain and email addresses to further the impersonation, the perpetrators convinced American business executives to disclose proprietary information by stating that our client intended to invest in their companies. The Lenzner Firm worked with a corporate investigations and risk advisory firm and our partner cyber risk management firm to quickly assess the scope of damage and locate the impersonator. We developed evidence related to a certain internet protocol address by filing an action in federal court and issued a subpoena to an internet service provider. In the course of our work, we also filed an action with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) to seize and shut down the fake domain, communicated with the contacted executives to gather evidence and exonerate our client, and developed evidence on the perpetrators that we provided to law enforcement.

A news organization retained The Lenzner Firm when one of their reporters was subject to disturbing online threats from what appeared to be multiple individuals. Working with a corporate investigations and risk advisory firm, we conducted online forensic work to track and identify the sources of the threatening communications, analyzed stories written by the reporter, developed a public records profile of a likely suspect, and analyzed the content of the threats and compared them to known writings of a certain individual. Our investigation, which determined that the threats were generated by a single individual using multiple fake online profiles, informed our legal response and strategy on behalf of the client, which included briefing the appropriate law enforcement agencies, and preparing cease and desist letters and an application for a judicial “stay away” order.

The chief executive officer of a U.S. company retained The Lenzner Firm when an unknown individual impersonated the client in an apparent online effort to disparage the client. Working under our legal supervision, our cyber forensic partner traced internet protocol addresses to a specific geographic location, and through public records and social media research, investigators identified the individual responsible for the impersonation. As the client’s attorney, The Lenzner Firm reported the evidence and findings of our investigation to the appropriate law enforcement agency.